The Feldenkrais Method is a powerful way to unlock the secrets of our bodies. It allows the linking of movement, expression, and spontaneity, as well as providing an approach to healing physical and neurological injuries
James Oldham, M.D.

Do you ever sense weakness in one or both of your shoulders while doing certain activities? Or come across yoga positions involving your arms that seem impossible? Many people develop an unconscious habit of “rounding” their shoulders, unaware that this contributes to muscular tension, pain, restricted breathing and a slumped appearance.

Feldenkrais® Awareness Through Movement® exercises can help you to maintain healthy, happy shoulders. Join Mark Hirschfield for a three-hour Feldenkrais experience designed to mobilize your shoulders for more effective action.  Learn how to improve the flexibility of your shoulders so that you can use your arms in the ways you’d like, and reduce your vulnerability to injury.

NOTE: Although Feldenkrais exercises are very gentle, this workshop may include some movements that are not advised if you are suffering from a recent shoulder injury. Feel free to consult with Mark if you have any questions before registering.

Date: Wednesday, August 30
Times: 6:30 - 9:30Click Here to Register Online with a 10% discount!
Open to: Public
Tuition: $65
Location: The Feldenkrais Institute
134 W 26 Street, 2 Floor (between 6 & 7 Aves.)
New York NY 10001

Teacher: Mark Hirschfield

imageMark Hirschfield, M.F.A., G.C.F.P., graduated from the Feldenkrais Professional Training Program with David Zemach-Bersin in 2003.  He is a full-time Faculty Practitioner at the Feldenkrais Institute and has taught the Feldenkrais Method throughout New York City.  Mark helped create the Alexander Yanai Project, a weekly series of Awareness Through Movement lessons drawn specifically from classes Dr. Feldenkrais taught for many years on Alexander Yanai Street in Tel-Aviv, Israel.

Mark has helped clients with a myriad of issues, ranging from back and shoulder pain to eye strain and neurological problems.  He enjoys working with students who want to explore the possibilities inherent in the Feldenkrais Method for general self-improvement (physical, mental and psychological), heightened awareness and an improved sense of well-being. For many years Mark was a professional actor and theater director and is well versed in tailoring the Feldenkrais Method to the needs of performing artists.  He is a graduate of UCLA and Florida State University, is an expert rated skier and is enthusiastic about sharing his insights about how the Feldenkrais Method can be applied to improving everyone’s abilities.

Cancellation Policy

● For 3-hour workshops with less than 24 hours notice, we will apply the full amount of your credit towards a future event.

● For single and multi-day workshops:
  • Received at least 8 days prior: A full refund minus a $50 administrative fee
  • Received 7 days to 24 hours prior: A full Feldenkrais Institute account credit minus a $50 administrative fee
  • Within 24 hours or during event: A 50% Feldenkrais Institute account credit, prorated on the days remaining, minus a $50 administrative fee

Product Categories

Individual Sessions

The most direct way to benefit from Feldenkrais is to work privately with one of our highly skilled practitioners. In Functional Integration lessons, the work is tailored specifically to your needs, the touch is gentle and communicative, and your comfort is respected.  Call 212-727-1014 for an appointment.

As a neuroscientist interested in the development and plasticity of the nervous system, it is gratifying to see how the Feldenkrais Method demonstrates these principles. The Feldenkrais Method has also greatly improved my personal quality of life — physically and emotionally — by reducing the restrictions and limitations I thought were permanent due to multiple sclerosis.
- Maria Luskin, Professor Emory University Medical School

Please join us for:

More Shoulder Mobility
Wednesday, August 30

Solutions for Optimal Mobility
Tuesday - Sunday, September 5 - 10

Feldenkrais to Reduce Stress & Anxiety
Saturday, September 23

Feldenkrais Relief for Back Pain & Sciatica
Saturday, September 23

Feldenkrais Classes

Awareness Through Movement

Basics Class: We recommend this class if you are new to the Feldenkrais Method.
Open Class: This class will build upon concepts that are introduced in the Basics Class.
Moving Out of Pain: This class is open to all, but tailored to those experiencing pain.
Community Class: Sponsored by the Feldenkrais Foundation, this class is open to all and is donation-based ($10 suggested).

Click HERE for up-to-date details and teacher substitutions (if any) and to register in advance for any class.

For your first class, please arrive at least 10 minutes prior to the scheduled class start time.

We recommend loose, comfortable clothing.
Mats, pads are provided.

All classes are drop-in.
Drop-in for $25
Register online for classes and receive 10% off.
10 class card for $220 Class Cards expire six months from date of purchase.

MC/VISA/Discover accepted.
Call (212) 727-1014

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